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Christmas is around the corner!  It’s the festive time to get you even the best skin.

1. During the winter the air becomes cooler and drier, aside from drinking lots of water make sure you use a hydrating essence day and night such as Silk Miracle Essence to ensure that your skin stays plump and hydrated. This lightweight and fast-penetrating essence contains 7 active natural ingredients which help to nourish your skin, and give you feeling plump and hydrated. Make sure to wear this before your ordinary moisturiser giving you extra-hydration.

2.  There is no better time to add extra radiance to your skin in Christmas.  Adding the Amazing White Illuminating Serum to your daily skin care routine because this serum contains more active ingredients and they are able to penetrate deeper into the skin. Try now and get an extra radiance boost!

3.  Already planning that a Christmas party? Make sure to invest in a best eye cream, which will help give blur away fine lines, imperfections and shadows.  I’d invest in a best one rather than 10 average one! Get Caviar Enrich Eye Cream today that leaving you with a luminous looking eye area.

4. Drier climates can still cause your skin to dehydration and more fatigue.  Glamour Ageless Anti-Aging Serum is a light-but-rich serum, blend of nine distinctive natural extracts to soothe and re-energize your skin, leaving it firmer, with a dewy glow and to keep you ageing gracefully.

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Christmas is full of Light, Joy, Happiness and Warmth. Let us celebrate this date with a special offer for you and your skin. Our luxury skincare products represent the perfect collaboration of scientific research, experience and advanced technology.  Each products contains high concentrations of the active natural ingredients, free from nasty chemicals e.g. parabens, sulphates, alcohol, DEA, PEG, MEA and TEA, and suitable for all ages and even very sensitive skin.

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By Kathleen

KATHLEEN provides high quality beauty skin care products from Royal Leamington Spa with all careful extracted natural ingredients, excluding "extra" chemicals, and using high-end technology to care your skin healthy and beautiful, towards a royal beauty bright.

Our products are manufactured in Britain and are sold locally and other European territories. Our success is totally depended on our customer's repeat orders. We are confident our products are superior quality, innovative and technologically proven effective.

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