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Bloggers' reviews articles for Kathleen Natural Skin Care | Kathleen Natural - Part 13

Blogger’s Articles

It is lovely seeing KATHLEEN® skin care products to be used by the Beauty & Lifestyle bloggers. Here’s what they had to say:


Sensual Rose Roll-on Fragrance Oil

The perfume is a subtle musky rose scent with an added freshness to it. As the scent doesn’t linger as such, it makes for more of an everyday wear, that’s easy to top up whenever you please considering the small bottle. Considering this was my first time trying perfume oils, I was intrigued by the whole concept. I really liked this product – it provides a perfect subtle scent, is easy to travel with and has a lovely soothing effect. I think it also can help you freshen up throughout the day if you just pop it in your handbag and apply as you go. If you’re looking for a subtle perfume on the go, this is for you.


Mini Tranquil Fields Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

For me, I love a good bath, there’s nothing better than after a long day relaxing in the bath. Of course, Lavender and Vanilla are two of the perfect scents for a relaxing bath! That’s why I chose this combination of scents. The smell was amazing, I nearly went to sleep it was that relaxing! It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth, for me, this is always a hit with a product. The bathroom was left smelling amazing! I definitely did not want to get out.


Citrus Cheer Roll-on Fragrance Oil

I’ve been using my roll on for just over two weeks now and I absolutely love it. The fragrance combination is so uplifting and while you might think an oil would be greasy, it’s not. Essential oils from plants are so light that they’re very quickly absorbed by our skin and because they’re natural, it’s very unlikely you’d suffer an adverse reaction. Being a roll on means that there’s very little wastage so the £16 price tag is actually excellent value. My roll on is a staple in my handbag and I’ve been applying it to my pulse points throughout the day, followed by much inhaling and smiling.



Mini Sensual Rose Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

The three mini Bubble Bath and Shower Gel fragrances have scents of Sensual Rose, Citrus Cheer and Tranquil Fields, and you can purchase them as a gift set for £28. My own personal favourite is the romantic and sensual Rose, which avoids the synthetic scent that can sometimes come with rosy fragrances, and instead feels heady and real.  When you add in that all Kathleen products are natural and environmentally friendly using natural plant and marine extracts to make them organic and of a luxury quality. They are also made in Britain, result!