Blogger’s Articles

It is lovely seeing KATHLEEN® skin care products to be used by the Beauty & Lifestyle bloggers. Here’s what they had to say:


Amazing White Illuminating Serum & Caviar Enrich Eye Cream

“The cream is thick, but absorbs into the under-eye skin quickly, and I really feel it infuses the skin with moisture resulting in soft hydrated skin. I don’t believe that the cream provides any instant effects, and it took a few days before I noticed any difference in the skin under my eyes. What I have noticed, with continued use is that dark circles are less severe and the skin around my eyes looks less ‘sunken’.”


Caviar Enrich Eye Cream

“Now, I’m not going to say that all my wrinkles and dark circles have completely gone away, after all, I’m extremely fatigued at the moment and I can’t help but see that show. However, my eyes are definitely not as puffy, or hollowed by dark circles as they often are at this time of year. It also seems to have kept the dry patch of skin under my left eye that pops up across winter at bay. Overall I have been really impressed with how well this cream has worked and it will definitely be making its way onto my repurchase list, once my original tub has run out.”







Amazing White Illuminating Serum

“I came across with this amazing, let me tell you it really is amazing, illuminating serum, and I had to buy it. So when I received it, at night I applied to my skin, I was stunned by it, so smooth my skin was. The application is twice a day, and it works wonders. So, I was thinking of writing this review after a month of using it, but you don’t need that much to see if its worth it. It really is. After a week and half I have no uneven skin, no marks on my face, no nothing. After using this amazing illuminating, my skin became so healthy, so radiant. I was just lost in words.”






Glamour Ageless Anti-Aging Serum

“Again this is another new addition to my skincare routine. But I’m loving the results so much that I think this one will stay around for quite some time! Made with over nine natural extracts that target fine lines, this serum has been helping to improve my skin’s firmness and elasticity. As well as protecting against any dryness, this serum has been leaving my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.”