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It is almost Christmas time and KATHLEEN® has big news! – TATLER® DECEMBER’S EDITION

Because of it’s magnificent and appealing publications about fashion, lifestyle and wealthy lifestyle, we fell in love by it and choose Tatler® has one of our Top Magazines!


AS SEEN IN TATLER’s December 2016 Edition:


“More then just a British organic skin care brand, Kathleen® represents the perfect collaboration of scientific research, experience and advanced technology. Four skin-loving boosters, packed in a beautiful box, helping to nourish your skin with moisture and give you that fresh, dewy glow, to keep you looking beautiful. 



This beautiful presentation box is perfect for self-care or as a Christmas gift.

Comprises of:

Silk Miracle Essence (100ml), this lightweight and fast-penetrating formula optimizes 7 pure natural and marine extracts that help to nourish your skin with moisture and keep you fresh and dewy glow.

Caviar Enrich Eye Cream (15ml), this rich and luxurious formula contains over 23 natural and marine extracts that specifically treat the delicate skin around your eyes, help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, protect against dryness and puffiness, and leaving you with a luminous looking eye area.

Amazing White Illuminating Serum (50ml), this tailor-made formula that contains 12 natural ingredients that help to prevent and fade skin pigmentation, leaving your complexion to look more radiant, hydrated and bright.

Glamour Ageless Anti-Aging Serum (50ml), this light-but-rich formula contains over 9 natural extracts that help to tighten and re-energize your skin and keep you ageing gracefully.

All the products are suitable for even very sensitive skin.

premium-boxThis beautiful presentation box includes Silk Miracle Essence(100ml), Caviar Enrich Eye Cream (15ml), Amazing White Illuminating Serum (50ml) and Glamour Ageless Anti-Aging Serum (50ml), perfect for any age, gift-wrapped in red and green tissue and tied up with a beautiful silk ribbon.

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