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People tend to overlook and forget

What is the largest organ of our body? Skin! It is one of the most complex organs. There are some 650 sweat glands, 65 hair follicles, 19 yards of capillaries, 78 yards of nerves, thousands of nerve endings in  1 tiny sq. inch of skin.  Our skin has three layers, the epidermis (outer layer), the dermis (elastic and collagen layer), and the subcutaneous (the fatty layer).

The epidermis are .05mm thick (eye) to 4mm thick (palm) and pH 4.4-5.6 at the surface; consists of water, fats, lipids, amino acids, natural enzymes, protein … for multiple functions; water retention, skin moisture, strength and cohesiveness of the skin, preventing the growth of bacteria and reproduction new cells to replace exfoliated cells, and skin colour.

Our cell replacement takes every 28 days in young adults, but increases with age to 50 days or over which is unavoidable of aging. The epidermis is then bonded to the elastic and collagen layer, dermis. The dermis supplies nutrients to select layers of the epidermis. Learn the secrets of coenzyme-Q10 which is the “power house” of our skin and try our Glamour Ageless Anti-aging Serum now.

People tend to overlook and forget. When the skin performs in perfect harmony, the result is a beautiful, glowing, healthy complexion. If the skin is not in harmony, KATHLEEN’s natural and organic products are meant to assist in restoring its balance and beauty, leaving you skin healthy, dewy glow.



By Kathleen

KATHLEEN provides high quality beauty skin care products from Royal Leamington Spa with all careful extracted natural ingredients, excluding "extra" chemicals, and using high-end technology to care your skin healthy and beautiful, towards a royal beauty bright.

Our products are manufactured in Britain and are sold locally and other European territories. Our success is totally depended on our customer's repeat orders. We are confident our products are superior quality, innovative and technologically proven effective.

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