When it’s hot outside, a refreshing spritz of a moisturising mist can do wonders for dry skin. KATHLEEN® Rebalancing & Soothing Tonifying Mist quenches skin with abundant moisture to maintain balance and helps to relieve dry patches and soothe irritation.

This beautiful mist has also been featured in British Vogue.

It also was one of the shortlists in the Pure Beauty Award 2017. Packed with active aloe vera and glycerin to gently revitalise skin suppleness, and chamomile water and lemon extract which work together to heal and soothe skin irritation, leaving skin more toned, less red and with a radiant appearance.





Perfect for a post-cleanser toner or whenever your skin needs refreshing and soothing and leaving you flawless holiday skin.

£ 23/150 ml 

Also available on Love Lula and Beauty Bridge also


Rebalancing the pH level of the skin

Soothing the skin

Calming and reducing redness or irritation

Preparing the skin for Kathleen skincare boosters


All skin types including sensitive skin

All ages


With the innovative T1 – Intercellular Technology® to improve our quality, allowing active ingredients to be concentrated into the condensed micro-molecules that would coat the entire surface of skin cells which enables the cells to absorb the ingredients more easily and efficiently. The application of this technology has been amazingly successful and it is registered under Kathleen Natural Limited.




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