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Skincare Do’s and Dont’s – Winter Edition

With the winter months kicking in, a change of weather calls for an updated wardrobe and of course, skincare routine. The crisp, winter air can really take a toll on the skin with it feeling dry,  irritated, tight and more sensitive, so it’s important to consider switching up the usual routine to ensure skin is protected during the cold, dry weather. 

So, how does the winter affect our skin?

The outer layer of the skin (epidermis) contains the perfect combination of water, fats and lipids which help water retention and skin moisture. But in winter the low temperature and low humidity, along with very hot and drying central heating, will trigger a physical process where water will flow across the membrane of skin cells and be spontaneously sucked out of your skin by the dry air.  Our blood circulation will usually recover the water and lipids, however in winter months, the blood flow is diverted from the skin to keep your core warm. As a result. skin self-recovery ability is slowed down in winter and our outer skin barrier (epidermis) is weakened. 

So, to summarise… the cold, winter air reduces blood circulation in the face and tightens pores which in turn reduces our natural oils (such as sebum) that act as a protective layer.

Here are a few skincare do’s and dont’s to help protect your skin and prevent further damage during the cold, winter months!


Skincare Do’s

  • Opt for a mild, gentle, non-foaming cleanser to help moisture your skin and avoid your natural oils being stripped further. 
  • Replenish your skin with super hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (found in Amazing White Illuminating Serum and Glamour Ageless Anti-Aging Serum) or Aloe Vera (found in Silk Miracle Essence)
  • After a warm, relaxing bath or shower, lock moisture into the skin by applying a nourishing body oil onto damp skin within 3 minutes of getting out of the bath or shower. (Try out Body Oils in: Tranquil Fields, Sensual Rose and Citrus Cheer)
  • Take care of your body by one: staying hydrated – drink plenty of water throughout the day and two: balancing nutrition by eating plenty of essential fatty acids, omega-3 found in avocado and oily fish and omega-6 found in nuts and whole grains which prevents dehydration in the skin cells.


Skincare Dont’s

  • Take a super a hot bath or shower – this breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin
  • Further irritate the skin by harshly rubbing or scratching the skin – gently pat the skin when drying and gently massage in skincare products when applying
  • Don’t over exfoliate the skin if you’re skin is extra dry or flaky as this will further irritate the skin. Instead, remove dead skin cells and reveal your natural glow more gently with our Facial Sonic Cleansing Device

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– Kathleen Natural

By Kathleen

KATHLEEN provides high quality beauty skin care products from Royal Leamington Spa with all careful extracted natural ingredients, excluding "extra" chemicals, and using high-end technology to care your skin healthy and beautiful, towards a royal beauty bright.

Our products are manufactured in Britain and are sold locally and other European territories. Our success is totally depended on our customer's repeat orders. We are confident our products are superior quality, innovative and technologically proven effective.

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