Mothers!!! What a beautiful word to pronounce. It is not just a word rather some feelings are associated with it which can make you feel at home. They are a most selfless creature of the world that can sacrifice all her belongings and pleasures for the sake of her children and demand nothing in return. One cannot even pay back to the sacrifices, and she made and cannot even compensate in any way. She is like a gift to us from the God without any glittery and sparkly wrapping. She is the one who is going to love you anyway apart from your characteristics and will help you in every thick and thin. Mothers are ultimate multi-taskers who can be a best friend, a boss, a child, an advisor, a best companion, a lover, a criticizer and even a dad at the same time just to fulfill the emotional and worldly requirements of her child.

There is no such thing present in the world that can measure the love of the mother for her child; she can become restless to provide peace and comfort to her child. We mostly ignore her importance and do nothing to make her feel special. The only day we commemorate her sacrifices and love is MOTHER’S DAY that is celebrated universally. It is like attribute to the mothers for their utmost and never ending love for their children and family. The day is celebrated worldwide on the first Sunday of MAY. The date for the mother’s day varies every year due to the change in the calendar.




Talking about the mother’s day in the UK, it is celebrated on 26th of MARCH every year as the mothering Sunday. Going back on the time line the roots of this mothering Sunday deepens in the 17th century. The Mothering Sunday is celebrated with verve in the UK and takes place on the last Sunday in the month of Lent. It is being celebrated from the 17th century with enthusiasm and England is the first country in the world to dedicate a day for the love and support of mothers for her children. Coming towards the history of this Mothering Sunday, it is stated that the children of the peasants, who worked to earn bread when meeting their mothers in the mother church and present them with flowers. This emotional scene took place in the mid of the month of Lent and hence was termed as the mothering Sunday. The tradition lost its beauty after the industrial revolution in England. After this era, the day was celebrated on the 4th Sunday of the month of lent and still is in practice with extreme relish and enchant.

Round the globe, the day is celebrated according to the mother’s day in the US. It is the day when children present their mothers with gifts, flowers, chocolates and much materialistic substance. But the biggest gift for her is your love and existence in her life. Make your mom feel loved and special every day and make every day of your life a mother’s day because she is the reason why you are present in the world. Your existence is just because of your mother. Do love her and make her feel proud and contented about her life as she is worth of your love and care.


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