Ginseng root is considered as the most precious and superstition plant among herbs in Asia medicine, particularly in Korea, India and China. It has been used as a tonic for at least five thousand years. The genus name Panax (Pan=all + axos=medicine) means ‘cure all’ in Greek. At present, no wild-growing ginseng can be found. Ginseng i only available from cultivation in Korea, China, Japan, Bulgaria, America and eastern Russia. Harvest takes place during September and October.

Benefits of Ginseng Root

  1. Induce Collagen/ Reduce Wrinkles

Scientists found skin ageing appears to be principally to be related to a decrease in levels of ‘Type I collagen’, the primary component of the dermal layer of skin. In the course of finding collagen production-promotion agents, scientists found that ginseng root promotes collagen production in human fibroblast cells and induce the biochemical process ‘phosphorylation’, an important transcription factor in the production of Type I collagen. (Lee 2007).  Ginseng root helps to promote the Type I collagen production. In this result it helps give the skin a firmer, brighter and more youthful looking


  1. Wound Healing/ Calming

Medical studies have shown Ginseng can speed up the healing of burns, even in low doses. Ginseng root is such a valuable herb medicine because of its ability to encourage skin regeneration. It was found that wounds are known to react very well to the healing properties of ginseng. (Choi 2002)


  1. Anti-oxidants

Ginseng is a natural resource of antioxidants due to its natural actives including Salicylic Acid, Vanillic Acid, and Ginsenosides.


  1. Boosting of Blood Circulation

Ginseng enhances the overall circulatory pattern which brings fresh oxygen to improve cellular energy production and improve fatigue.


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