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Relaxed Christmas – Shop £25 30% off

I trust this year I need Christmas more than ever and as I reach the final stretch of the year I could be more certain that I’m dreaming of a relaxed Christmas. ?

Everybody I know, young and old, is tired. In a perfect world we’d all be kicking off Christmas season with a full body massage before spending days with people who love us, and we love. Unfortunately the reality means some of us will be at work, a lot of us will have a million things left to prep and even more of us will have take care of someone who just feel unwell.

Knowing how important it is for us to really unwind, mind, body and soul I have put together some tips from our own experience and from experts to make sure you properly relax this Christmas season.?

1.Ignore work / Schedule a break.

To ensure you have schedule a break in advance, it’s essential to set parameter and stick to them. If you have to do some work over the break, may be an hour in the morning, so once it’s done you can forget about it. To ensure a conscious effort to not talking about work, talk about other things instead!

2. Engage with family.







Spending time with your family is not the same as engaging with them. A study carried out among single mothers found that the more time a parent spent playing with their child, the lower their levels of parental stress, and the more energized they felt as a parent.

3. Spend some time alone / Do something that makes you happy.







The festive period is, of course, a time for family and friends, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t also enjoy a little me-time. I trust, a little me-time can increase your creativity, your brain works at optimal efficiency. Expert found adding, rather than deleting me-time made her Christmas feel less hectic.  If you like to have a body massage, do it. If you want to go for a choir section, do it….

4. Organize to-do list in advance.

Here is my to-do list:-

  • Put activities on a calendar.
  • Make a master gift list.
  • Shop for cards and gift wrapping paper supplies.
  • Start Christmas shopping in earnest including decors.
  • Start addressing holiday cards.
  • Mail cards.
  • Buy a live tree.
  • Decorate.
  • Finalize menus.
  • Buy fresh ingredients/ food.
  • Prepare foods/ table.
  • Relax and enjoy.

5. Be satisfied with “Good Enough”.

Expert said “Don’t always go for bigger and better!”.  I believe it is one of the best tips for me.

6. Request free gift wrapping.

Stores don’t always publicize this service, so be sure to ask. Also seek out charity gift-wrapping services. Nonprofit organizations often set up booths at malls or craft shows and will wrap presents for a small fee. Take advantage of their services and you’ll save yourself one task while contributing to a worthy cause.

7. Don’t hesitate to ask help.

In fact, guests prefer to take on some small tasks, instead of standing around while you attempt to do everything yourself. Ask an older relative if he’d mind greeting guests at the door. Recruit teens to take coats or offer fruit juice. Kids may direct guests to the buffet table or offer hors d’oeuvres.

8. Use 30-minute rule.

We want our home to look great for guests, but don’t fall prey to holiday house fever. Expert said “Cross off anything on your household prep list that will take more than a half-hour to do. The goal is to spiff up the house a little, not turn it into a showroom.”

We can use what’s on hand. e.g. take the photos out of your everyday frames and replace them with leftover wrapping paper and free printables online.  I’ve picked for you.

9. Shop online.

The shopping mall busier than ever and stressful shoppers fight for the perfect gift. So why not save yourself from the cold streets of England and shop online this year? Sit yourself next to the fire with a hot chocolate, and get everything done within a day. However, always check that they can deliver the goods on time before the big day.

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10. Smell some lemons.

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, try sniffing some lemon. The smell of the vitamin C-packed fruits has been shown to boost energy and alertness, and studies have revealed that lemon scents in particular can reduce stress and instantly boost your mood.You may like to grab our ? Citrus Cheer Bubble Bath and Shower Gel, and the Body and Massage Oil with the same scent here.







Beauty Celebration Promotion

Say ‘Hello’ to the Minis

At Kathleen Natural, we are so excited to announce the launch of new additions to our body care range. Say ‘Hello’ to the Mini Size versions of our luxurious, nourishing, delicate body care collection including  ‘Roll-on Fragrance Oil (10ml)‘ and ‘Mini Bubble Bath and Shower Gel (50ml)‘.

Our luxurious minis are the perfect opportunity to try our body care range for the first time, to treat a special someone or to take your favourite bath and body luxuries on your adventures.



Introducing our Roll-on Fragrance Oil

It is a gentle, alcohol-free way to wear your favourite fragrance (Citrus Cheer, Tranquil Fields or Sensual Rose) everywhere with our 10ml Roll-on Fragrance Oil.

Our purse sized roll-on oil is perfect for when you’re lusting after a fragrant application of essential oils on the go. It is best applied to pulse points on your body as the body heat activates the fragrance, allowing for the lightweight scent to linger without overpowering those around you. After application, breathe deeply to indulge your mind and soul.

Introducing our Mini Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

You can now take your favourite body luxuries (Citrus Cheer, Tranquil Fields or Sensual Rose Bubble Bath & Shower Gel) with you on your travels. Our travel bag sized bubble bath and shower gel is perfect for when you’re on your travels, lusting for a therapeutic bath to soothe tired muscles and clear your mind. A home away from home, our Mini Bubble Bath and Shower Gel will give you comfort as the aromatic blend of essential oils nourish your mind, body and soul.

Blended with only the natural ingredients and scented pure essential oils that will deliver luxurious fragrance… each collection is scented with an aromatic blend of three, pure essential oils (a top note, a heart note and a base note) to cover every mood.



Three collections to Cover Every Mood

Citrus Cheer

Inhale clarity with the zest of lemon, spiked with a warm rosewood scent, to bring a vibrant, cheerful quality. The floral geranium enhances the feeling of intense citrus brightness. You will instantly feel uplifted and awakened as your senses are renewed.

Top Note: Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil is a good remedy for restoring luster to dull skin. Its antiseptic properties help in treating pimples and various other skin disorders. It helps lift the mood and aid contraction, improves lymph drainage, and cleanses the body. Lemon adds freshness with its bright, citrus aroma.

Heart Note: Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood rejuvenates the skin and keeps it looking healthy and young. The health benefits of rosewood can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant and aphrodisiac. This lively scent can take away depression and leave one smiling within minutes.

Base Note: Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium promotes beautiful and radiant skin. It is used to treat acne, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety, and balance hormones. This essential oil can help uplift spirits and lessen fatigue whilst encouraging blood and lymph circulation.


Sensual Rose

Open to the sensuality of daring red roses blended with refreshing vivid orange layered with an unexpected,champagne-like nutmeg. This sensual and euphoric aroma enhances feelings of romance and positivity. It stirs desire and gives a sense of passion.

Top Note: Orange Essential Oil

Uplifting orange oil has a sweet, fruity scent and is expressed from the rind of sun-ripened oranges. Naturally revitalizing and uplifting, sweet orange is a staple aromatherapy oil for creating a bright, uplifting, and invigorating ambience.

Heart Note: Rose Essential Oil

Rose has astringent properties that make it perfect for toning and lifting the skin. It can also enhance libido and inspire romance. It helps alleviate feelings of shock and is believed to stimulate the hormone secretions that trigger menstruation and ease post-menopausal symptoms. Rose is often used to enhance feelings of wellbeing and to induce those feelings of positivity, joy, and hope.

Base Note: Nutmeg Essential Oil

Nutmeg has antibacterial properties that work against 25 different bacteria. Nutmeg oil is useful for treating muscular and joint pain and relieving menstrual cramps. This earthy aroma comforts the body, improves blood circulation, and helps reduce mood swings and depression.


Tranquil Fields

Breathe the fields of purple lavender weaving in strings of soft, spicy vanilla, and peacefully rest under the sweet and woody frankincense fragrance. The aroma brings you a sense of calm and inner peace and aids relaxation.

Top Note: Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most calming herbal oils and benefits the mind and body by reducing anxiety and emotional stresses,   improving sleep and brain functions, relieving pain, and helping to heal burns and wounds.

Heart Note: Frankincense Essential Oil

The power of frankincense is extraordinary. Its sweet and woody fragrance is often used to promote relaxation, relieve chronic stress and anxiety, and reduce pain. It can build immunity, reduce inflammation, heal age spots, and help relax and calm the mind.

Base Note: Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is rated as one of the most relaxing aromas. Vanilla can be used as a sedative and body oil because of its properties as an antioxidant and antidepressant. Scientists found the smell of vanilla eases breathing problems and sleep apnea in premature infants. Warm vanilla helps bring an overall sense of balance and harmony to the body and mind.


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Ginseng Root – Science Behind The Wonder


Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and photonutrients – Ginseng Root is prized for its host of skincare benefits. Its substances and vitamins help to maintain the skins elasticity, vitality and regenerates the capacity of skin cells.

Ginseng Root is considered to be one of the most precious plants in Asia and is traditionally used as an herbal medicine in Korea, Japan, India and China for thousands of years.

There are many benefits of using the healing ingredient for skincare:

Induces Collagen and Diminishes Signs of Aging

  • Ginseng Root is praised to be an effective anti-aging skincare treatment due to its natural ability to promote Type l collagen production which helps to make the skin more toned and elastic thus giving it a firmer, brighter, plumper and more youthful appearance. The phytonutrients packed in Ginseng Root work to stimulate the metabolism of the skin resulting in the removal of ‘free radicals’ which damage the skin and speeds along skin aging.

Complexion Booster

  • Ginseng Root is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which work to slough away dead skin cells and in turn, produce healthy skin and boost the skins complexion. Its properties also work to rehydrate, regenerate and detox the skin by increasing oxygeneration which help to promote a healthy, radiant and glowing appearance.

Wound Healing and Calming

  • Ginseng Root is widely used as an herbal medicine to aid skin regeneration. Its natural healing properties makes the ingredient useful to heal sunburn and skin irritations such as razor burns. It is found that wounds are known to react to even low doses of Ginseng Root as it contains powerful repairing functions. Ginseng Root is a healing ingredient which will leave your skin feeling renewed as it hydrates, brightens, plumps and tones your skin.


Kathleen Natural only uses high-grade Ginseng root extract in our Caviar Enrich Eye Cream. Whether you want to find the best eye cream for dark circles, wrinkles or puffiness, this advance formula will refresh and restore your peepers.  This little pot has been packed with 23 actives ingredients including caviar, marine collagen, algae, ginseng, silk peptides, barley, horsetail, sandalwood, green coffee, black willow back and phellodendron, hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn etc. It promotes the firming and lifting of the skin surrounding the eyes, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Over time, you will notice the under eye area looking more lifted and brighter.

Yes, it is expensive because it works.

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Celebration Promotion

Celebrate The Queen’s 92nd Birthday.

Do you know The Queen turns 92 this Saturday. The Queen celebrates two birthdays each year.  One is her actual birth date on the 21st of April.  One is the official birthday usually on the 2nd Saturday in June. It is rare that The Queen celebrates her actual birth date. Typically, the monarch waits until Trooping the Colour celebrations in June.

However, it isn’t every year that The Queen is hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London which is running from 16-20 April. Following the week of the Meeting, Her Majesty’s actual birthday is marked by gun salutes in central London at midday, then a concert – called ‘The Queen’s Birthday Party’ is being hosted by the BBC at the Royal Albert Hall. The Concert will be reflected and celebrated on the night to reflect Her Majesty’s role as head of the Commonwealth, with performances from artists from across the Commonwealth, and music from across the decades of Her Majesty’s reign.

The concert will be attended by The Queen and many members of the Royal Family.  BBC has confirmed that special guests include Craig David, Kylie Minogue, Sir Tom Jones, Shawn Mendes, Anne Marie, Sting, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Laura Mvula, Jamie Cullum, Alfie Boe, Helen George, Tom Chambers, Luke Evans and Donel Mangena. If you want to join this birthday concert, you can get your tickets here

For those not joining the concert, why not celebrate at home and treat yourself, mother and godmother with Kathleen Natural’s premium skincare.  We offer you exclusive 20% discount for all items from now to 30th of April.

Use code ‘Celebrate92’ when you check out.

Kathleen UK Refreshing & Lightening Cleansing Lotion
Kathleen Natural Refreshing & Lightening Cleansing Lotion
100 Best Natural Anti-Agers
Award-winning Illuminating Serum

























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