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The Perfect Present – TATLER’S January 2017 Edition

It is the beginning of a new year to come meaning, a brand new adventure approaches!

Because of it’s magnificent and appealing publications about fashion, lifestyle and wealthy lifestyle, we fell in love by it and choose Tatler® has one of our Top Magazines!


AS SEEN IN TATLER’s December 2016 Edition:

“Festive Treats! Kathleen’s ‘Silk Miracle Essence’ contains seven active natural ingredients which help to nourish your skin with moisture, and give you that fresh, dewy glow, to keep you looking beautiful. silk-miracle-box-800x800

During the winter the air becomes cooler and drier, aside from drinking lots of water make sure you use a hydrating essence day and night such as Silk Miracle Essence to ensure that your skin stays plump and hydrated.


This lightweight and fast-penetrating essence contains 7 active natural ingredients which help to nourish your skin, and give you feeling plump and hydrated. Make sure to wear this before your ordinary moisturiser giving you extra-hydration.


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Don’t miss some of our finest blogger’s opinion:


Blogger’s Reviews


“I’ve been using this product for about a month now & started just as I was entering a hormonal breakout. With the Skin Miracle however, I was able to use the Effacer Duo to treat the breakouts, without ending up with dry, flaky skin too. What’s more, the post-spot marks disappeared remarkably quickly, much more so than usual.”




“I’ve not been using the Silk Miracle Essence too long, but so far I really REALLY like it. It leaves my skin feeling super soft (on good skin days, I’ve found I don’t even need to use a moisturiser afterwards) and glowy.”





“Kathleen is perfect for the night however, it’s an almost gel like feeling essence that’s thin and settles in quickly. I’ve been using this for about three weeks and I’ve barely used any, so although it’s £58.80 – this is definitely something that I’d be willing to shell money out on again; plus I love supporting UK companies where I can.”



Read more on the bottom of  Silk Miracle Essence product page.




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