We are in the oldest Magazine – Tatler®


Tatler® is a British magazine published by Condé Nast Publications focusing on fashion, lifestyle and politics. It was first introduced on 3 July 1901 by Clement Shorter having as it’s main target the British upper-middle class and upper class, and those interested in society events and wealth.

In 1940 was created a publication called The Tatler and Bystander, a fusion between both magazines. In 1961, Roy Thomson bought Tatler, rebranding it to London Life and, in 1968, Guy Wayte’s Illustrated County Magazine Group bought it, restoring the Tatler name, till today.

Although Tatler® is a British magazine, it also has editions in local languages in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia.


Because of it’s magnificent and appealing publications about fashion, lifestyle and wealthy lifestyle, we fell in love by it and choose Tatler® has one of our Top Magazines!

AS SEEN IN TATLER’s September 2016 Edition:

KATHLEEN® is more than just a British luxury skin care brand, their fantastic ‘Glamour Ageless’ serum – a perfect collaboration of scientific research and experience, is infused with high concentrations of the active natural ingredients which help to nourish your skin with moisture and give you that fresh, dewy glow, to keep you ageing gracefully.”



Anti-AgingGlamour Ageless Anti-Aging Serum

This ageless formula is a blend of 9 distinctive natural extracts, including the natural “power house” coenzyme Q10 and sunflower seed oil which smooth and energize skin, leaving skin more supple
smoother, firmer and youthful-looking. The water-locked hyaluronic acid we use in the serum instantly replenishes skin with moisture and the peptide silk protein and apricot kernel oil improve skin to give you that smooth, even tone and dewy glow. Over time, you will notice it reduces the appearance of fine lines and keeps you aging gracefully..



– Energize, firmer skin
– Against dryness and diminish the appearance of wrinkles
– Keep skin supple
– Dewy glowing skin
– Keep you aging gracefully



– All skin types including very sensitive skin or hypoallergenic skin
– Early 30’s and ++
– Tired and fatigued appearance
– Fine line deepen/wrinkles
– Dry and sagging skin




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