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Natural vs. Synthetic Skincare – Which Is Better?

Natural skincare products are usually composed of natural and organic ingredients such as essential oils, herbal extracts natural cosmetic butters, and more. These ingredients are rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, naturally occurring vitamins and other skin ingredients that are assimilated easily and quickly by the skin.

People make wrong choices because synthetic skincare products are cheaper than the organic ones. However, when given an opportunity to choose between natural or synthetic/chemical, it is ideal to choose the natural source due to a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that it is a better solution for your body, and the best care is needed for your body if you want an improved way of life.


The difference between Natural Skincare and Synthetic Skincare:

Natural Skincare

Skincare ingredients derived from natural sources typically smells brilliant and authentic, and not very chemical due to the use of flowers and plants like vanilla, chamomile, coffee, organic tea, ginger herb, lavender and bergamot. If you buy 100% natural skin care products and solutions, your skin gets smoother and also allow the absorption of divine fragrances that are basically needed for all 5 human senses organ.

Synthetic/Chemical Skincare

Synthetic/chemical products on the other hand may have more harmful effects than natural products. You have to treat your skin fairly the same way you would treat the internal parts of your body. You wouldn’t want to swallow unsafe chemicals made in a lab that you really know nothing about. You would prefer not to do that to your skin, either.”


Reasons why Natural Skincare products are better than Synthetic Skincare products:

Need less product
Organic and natural products are often more concentrated, and they tend to be more efficient on your skin. Due to this most of the times you don’t need to combine it with a lot of other products and it will last longer than expected. This will make you save more money and less waste will go into the junk.

Preserving the Environment, Wildlife and Sustainability
Organically produced skincare is made according to ecological standards and practices, mostly made from naturally grown ingredients that were not treated with toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Natural ingredients are easily broken down and do not cause any rives or stress on the environment in general. This is dissimilar to synthetic products that contain ingredients such as parabens, Diazolidinya Urea, formaldehyde, DEA, and other dreadful chemicals, which can accumulate in the environment and cause pollution in our atmosphere, rivers and the surrounding ecosystems. Currently the wildlife of this planet is in danger due to the growing use of toxic chemicals in plants cultivation, affecting some really important species such as the monarch butterflies and the bee population. There is also a possibility that these chemicals enter into the food chain and unfortunately on our dinner plate. When we consider the amount of chemicals we use just to wash our hair and have a shower, which eventually get flushed and end up in our waterways, you will agree with me that the less toxic these chemicals are, the better for the environment.  This makes natural skincare products not only beneficial for our skin, but they are much better for our natural environment. Most natural products also offer benefits to the environment by recycling and reusing. Companies with organic products are often more into the green business practices too.

Healthier products
Natural beauty products have no polethylene glycol (PEG), no sulphates, no parabens, and no other nasty ingredients which some believe they may cause cancer and skin irritant. However, they are classified as “safe for use” in the law. Even so, KATHLEEN® and most natural beauty products avoid using these argumentative ingredients. They also don’t require fillers. Most companies fill their beauty products with shabby fillers, such as petroleum and oil. These fillers have dissipated our skin and make the product ineffectual at moisturizing. Here’s one practice that would help; if you can’t identify each ingredient in the ingredient list, don’t use it!

They work better
Our bodies are used to what the earth provides. When we start adding chemicals into our bodies; it is only natural for our bodies to fight them. These chemicals can cause irritation of the skin. By using organic products, they balance our body rather than go against it. That is why only top natural ingredients are allowed to be used in the production of KATHLEEN® products since it is what is best for your skin.

No tested on animals
Another major benefit is that most ethical manufacturers of genuine natural skincare products don’t test their products on animals.

As individual chemical name is complex and difficult to memorise, I listed below the most harmful or suspicious chemical groups that are used in skin care products for your easy checking:

  1. Butylated compounds (BHA/BHT) – commonly used as preservatives
  2. Sodium perborate and perboric acid – commonly used in tooth-whitening and lotions & banned in EU
  3. Coal Tar – commonly used in cosmetics and colours & banned in EU
  4. Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives – commonly used in shampoo and lotions
  5. Polyethylene glycol PEG Compounds – commonly used in cosmetic products
  6. Mercury – commonly used in skin whitening products & banned in EU
  7. Hydroquinone – commonly used in skin whitening products & banned in EU
  8. Oxybenzone – commonly used in sunscreen
  9. Triclosan – commonly used in toothpaste and lotions
  10. Parabens – commonly used as preservatives
  11. Phthalates – commonly used in nail polish & banned in EU
  12. Siloxanes – commonly used in hair products and lotions
  13. Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate (SLS) – commonly used in hair products
  14. Toluene, also named as methylbenzene – commonly used in cosmetics & lotions

From moisturisers to oils, eye concentrates, to body butters, you can easily identify many natural skin care products created from shea butter, strawberry extract, olive oil, coconut oil and apricot oil, not from propylparaben, polyethylene glycol and methylparaben; which are chemical compounds that may cause skin breakouts and also may disrupt the body’s natural hormonal balance, expose you to known cancer-causing pesticides, and deliver dangerous toxins that penetrate and age your skin.

When you have the knowledge about the natural products that you consume, you can be more certain that you are purchasing the right products that originate from nature. Be cautious and do a little research before applying anything onto your skin, and make sure you spot test before using any skin care product. If you are still uncertain, seek the advice of your dermatologist.

The most secured skin care solution is to benefit from nature’s natural products and treatments that will help calm irritated skin, dispose uneven skin tone, smooth lines and wrinkles, eliminate scars, make you look younger and energetic, and dispose uneven skin tone.  All natural skincare products and solutions are absolutely worth the expense regardless of the cost considering the fact that your skin value is extensively higher than that of a lab rat. Don’t wait your synthetic chemicals product runs out replace it now.  Click 

 Note: Even if the organic options are usually the most recommended, what is best for the majority of people, might not be best for you, and sometimes people have allergic reactions to some of the natural ingredients also. So we always recommend testing out all the products first.

Thanks so much reading our post!

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